What you need to know about the Water Restrictions in Cape Town

Water Restrictions in Cape Town

Cape Town has experienced poor rainfall the past few seasons and is therefore in a water scarce region. This means we are currently in the midst of a very serious drought and the dam levels are very low. If you are currently traveling or planning to travel in the Western Cape region we want you to know a few facts about the water restrictions in Cape Town. We need your help to conserve water and work together to help change the way each individual uses water in order to increase water sustainability.

Cape Town has four levels of water restrictions:

  • Level 1: Normally in place
  • Level 2: When dam levels are lower than the norm
  • Level 3: Applies when dam levels are very low
  • Level 4: Applicable when dam levels are critically low


Since 1 July 2017, the City of Cape Town has implemented Level 4b water restrictions. This means:

  • Cut your water use to less than 87 liters, per person, per day
  • Use municipal drinking water only for essential washing, cooking and drinking purposes and only use indoor


water restrictions in Cape Town
Image credit: City of Cape Town


There are a few other regulations that also apply but are more relevant to permanent residents, businesses, and institutions. Please visit The City of Cape Town’s website for more information and water saving tips.

You can also help by reporting water issues (e.g burst pipes) or restriction offenses:

  • Call 0860 103 089
  • Email water@capetown.gov.za


Keep an eye on our blog, we will be uploading a blog about water saving tips. Thank you, in advance for helping us save water, we hope your travels to Cape Town exceeds your expectations!


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